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Solve the clues.

Hunt For Treasure.

Do Good.

 Thank You Sponsors


There are 8 keys waiting to be found.

EACH key opens a treasure chest containing cash!

$5,000 Awaits!

Register today! 100% of your registration fee goes to SAFE on Main!



There are 2 hunts, one is virtual and the other is a physical hunt. Be the first one to find the box. and you will win up to 3 keys! ALL registered hunters who solve and submit the solutions correctly will be entered to win a key in the “Finder’s Key-pers Drawing”! 

All keys open a treasure chest containing cash!

Solve the online mystery games that are bursting with clues, codes, puzzles and local history!

Participate as an individual or on a team. More team members = more chances to win! 

Registration ends Nov. 10th at noon!

Use Code: UNLOCK5 for a $5 early access discount


The Hunt For Good was the best family fun we had all year.   The treasure hunts were very well organized.  The clues were challenging, but always solvable with thought and time.  We can’t wait to do it again this year.

Steve S.


Hunt 1 (Virtual/Online)

The New Clue Alert will be revealed on

Thursday, Nov. 10, at 6pm

Continues for 72 hours at your own pace.

Hunt 2 (Physical)

The New Clue Alert will be revealed on

Friday, Nov. 11, at 4pm

Hunt through Saturday Nov. 12th, 5pm.

Hunt 1 (Online/virtual):

The first hunter to solve the hunt wins 1 key. All other successful hunters will be entered into the “Finders Key-pers Drawing”! 2 hunters will be drawn and win 1 key each. 

Hunt 2 (Physical Hunt):

The first hunter to find the box wins 3 keys. 10 additional successful hunters (2nd – 11th place) who find the box will be entered into the “Finders Key-pers Drawing”! 2 hunters will be drawn and win 1 key each.

1 Key opens a box containing $2,500

2 Keys open Boxes containing $500

5 Keys open Boxes containing $200

Solve the Mini Hunt!

Receive a $5 discount code! (cannot be combined with the early access code)


About the Coin:

The coin was one found from the same crew
featured at the end of Beyond Oak Island Season 2, Episode 4.
A member of Mike Perna’s professional salvage crew donated
the coin.

3 for $10.00

Registration to participate in the hunt is not required to purchase raffle tickets. All proceeds go to SAFE on Main and benefit survivors.




The Hunt For Good is a “hunt with a cause”.

This fundraiser is a fun way to support your local community! This is NOT your Grandma’s Bake Sale! It is a fun, yet challenging treasure hunt that helps us continue our violence prevention and intervention work, keeping our community safe.

SAFE on Main is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the safety, healing, and empowerment of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking Survivors, as well as creating a knowledgeable and supportive community through Prevention Education. 100% of proceeds from this event will benefit survivors on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking.

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